LA, SA and the rest of the world have shaped this artist into a melting pot of electronic deliciousness, his sound is a clear example of concise production as an art form and expression. His inspiration comes from everyday interactions with people, observing states of times during the day, feelings on certain moments when listening to other songs and created to suit a deeper house, tech house and techno sound within his own productions whilst maintaining energy and power within the tracks. In short, his ability to find the sophistication within simplicity are the main ingredients that create flavour of amalgamation and texture inside his sound.

After a stint at Icon Collective in LA, the desire to create music that would move people, not only physically but mentally as well became the focal point of his journey. That paired with the ability to provide layers from which listeners can alter the track dependent on specific segments they choose to listen to within, therefore making the sound a completely personal and unique experience.

Currently he is based in Johannesburg South Africa but this artists is no stranger to all the corners of the world, having travelled and lived all over the globe throughout the course of his life allowing him exposure to a plethora of different genres and sub-genres alike rendering from multiple cultures and places. Every day is one of self-discovery through music and he finds himself more and more through each production, allowing the people, places and things that surround him to act as a catalyst for the evolution of his music and himself. “The most pleasure I get is actually from relating to people through my music and seeing the joy in them while listening and sharing the song with me.”