A Platform for Independant Artists

Art Dream is a Proudly South African Creative Collective. We aim to showcase the individual tastes  and unique perspectives of our artists, while working together to help the collective and others outside our collective to achieve their creative dreams. We are an outlet, a facilitator and a conduit. We manage artists and events. We supply and develop talent, we record,make, distribute and promote music, we have an online gallery, online store and much much more. We are Dreamers.

The Art Dream Party Machine, is our events management & artist management vehicle. We bring an interesting, exciting dynamic to any event, from clubs to festivals, from the visuals, music, the photography to the event logistics, the Art Dream Party Machine will deliver a tailored exhilarating experience.

We dream big, we represents a collective of individuals, we aim to stimulate creativity. Our values include diversity, originality, teamwork, unity, handwork, expression, freedom and professionalism.  Using our large and diverse network, our industry and business knowledge, as well as our love and passion for what we do, Art Dream aims to eliminate the barriers which prohibit creative artists from successfully capitalizing on their passions.

Dream on.